RibType FB12VP – 3/16″ Value Pack – Condensed Font

RibType FB12VP – 3/16″ Value Pack – Condensed Font


FB12VP — 3/16″ RIBtype Number Value Pack

Character Height        Approx Pt. Size    No. of Ribs   Approx Sorts Per Inch
  3/16″ 4.76mm                    18 pt.                   2                         7.7″

Numeral “F-VP” Type Sets.

FB – Condensed Font.

Font Contents


  • 3/16″ size characters  (4.76mm) (18pt)
  • Numbers, Symbols
  • 147 total pieces 
  • 2 Ribs on back
  • B-style (condensed type style)
  • FB12VP font contains RIBtype letters, numbers, and symbols that fit into RIBtype marking devices so you can make your own stamps, codes and messages.
  •  Use in handle stamps, rockers, self-inkers, roll printers, contact coders and more.
  • If you have specific size requirements or limitations, please contact us to verify the product will meet your needs.

FB12VP RIBtype is comparable to Baselock F012CVP, Grip-Line G-F012C and Sta-tite RF013.
Baselock®, Grip-line®, Sta-tite®, Dilok®, and various other brands of ribbed rubber type are compatible with RIBtype®. 

About RIBtype®:  An economic and versatile DIY rubber stamp system, RIBtype characters lock into handle stamps and other devices so you can make your own stamps and change them as needed.  Excellent for part marking, date coding, lot codes / lot numbers, expiration dates, labeling boxes, personalizing craft items, and so much more. Custom RIBtype characters, text, artwork and complex set-ups can be made to order.

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